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But, still, parents are pretty much extra eyes and ears for their porn beeg kids to help protect them from the badder people in the world. So that the kid doesn't fall into some kind of a trap and have trouble getting back out." Josh thought about this for several moments before he spoke. "Well, Michael, I trust you. You are my friend," and with beeg porno that beeg massage he got up from his breakfast and gave me a huge hug and didn't let go for awhile. I kissed the top of his beautiful blonde beeg-com head and said, "Josh, you are my friend, too. And I am really beeg teen really glad of it!" "Cool!" he exclaimed, pulling away and almost unnoticably wiping away some wetness from his eyes, "when are we going to the zoo?" "Oh, I don't know," I said. It is 8:30a now and the gates open at 10am, and we should be there by about 9:30/9:45a in order to get in early. That means we'd have to leave pretty close to right away." I am beeg moms not sure beeg videos if Josh put the dishes into www.beeg the sink for later washing, or into the dish washer, but it took him less than a minute to help me clear the table. The zoo is one of my favorite places, and I took Josh on the grand tour. It was a moderately warm day, sunny, and only a hint of a breeze. We saw the huge snakes, went beeg .com beeg anal by the petting zoo (Josh's favorite!), watched the monkeys and gorillas, the polar bears, and just about every animal imaginable. Josh was off about 20 yards ahead at all times, and had an arsenal of questions about each animal. I felt like Mr. Wizard for Animals. Josh and I sat beeg porn videos down to have a cold drink and he brushed his beeg-com hair out of beeeg his eyes and wiped some sweat off his forehead. "Hey, you beeg xnxx want a shoulder ride or a piggyback ride?" beeg coom I asked. "Sure!" he exclaimed. "Ok, which?" 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Man! that felt way milf beeg way good, way more than I thought it would." "Yeah? Well, good for you, Josh. Cool. That's what it's all about, at least in beeg.coom part. I would do that for you anytime, anywhere. I love making you feel good, buddy." He smiled, beeg video and we put our clothes back on and watched TV. Josh opened the curtains, and within 10 minutes his dad drove up and parked next door, both www beeg.com of beeg.coom us waving as he came across the lawn to my front door. "You guys home already? I expected beeq.com you to be gone xnxx beeg the whole day?" "Got home beeg hot maybe about 30 or so minutes ago, haven't been home too long. Thought we'd have a nice drink after a long day in the sun," I replied. "Yeah!" Josh said, "I saw the biggest snake today. I think it was a spitting cobra! It was way cool! Thanks for letting me go, dad." "Yeah, no problem. Ok, let's get home and get dinner rolling. Thanks, Michael," he said. "Sure, it was fun. We had a great time. Thanks," I responded. Josh gave me a high five as his dad was going out my anal beeg front door, and winked at me, whispering "Spitting cobras are SO cool, beeg.c right Michael?" and with that he smiled bigger than ever, beeg lesbian and was off out the door. "Yeah," I thought, "and some are better than others." ************************ You can email me at jediplightaol for any comments. THE EDUCATION OF JOSHUA Part Four A beeg porn couple years or so had gone by, with Josh and beeg hairy I occasionally enjoying each others close intimate company. Some times more often than others, but always it was like the best of times, Josh trying to make me feel the best, and me trying to make him feel the best. Sometimes he wouldn't be over for several days or even a week, and then other times he was over 2-3 times in a week. Not every time was a "close encounter". These were neither avoided or made mandatory. They just sorta happened. 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"Maybe," I beeg videos posed, "but sometimes beeg ass an adult can see that things need to be done and just does them, because he knows they have to be done. Josh rolled his eyes in his head, not liking the "lesson" at all. "Well, take a look at beeg tubes this: if your had a car, and could see that the gas beeg com was getting low, you know that no beeg jepang one is gonna swoop in and save you and buy a tank of gas, right?" "Right..." "So, you would just know that when it got down to a certain point, you would have to put b eeg gas in yourself," I said, "Make sense?" "Yeah...." he replied perhaps a little less perturbed. "And if you had your own house and there was no one to do the wash, and you had run out of underwear, you know that if beeg porche you didn't gather up those crusty ole shorts and wash them, they beeg.com wouldn't get washed, right?" "Yeah." "Well, part of growing up and being treated more like an adult and less like a kid is your being more alert to that kind of hd beeg stuff, seeing what needs to be done and just doing it without being asked." He started to say something like, "Oh goodie" or whatever, so I continued.... ".....and then, you would get a lot less orders, with people telling you what to do beeg xxx a lot less...." I concluded. He paused, beeg xnxx and looked at me. "Ok, Ok," I said raising my hands and arms, "lecture over." "Yeah," Josh said, "but it's just hard beeg/ because it means more work, that's all. And a lot of the time I beeg..com just wanna play." "Believe me," I agreed, "I t-o-t-a-l-l-y understand," and gave him a one-armed shoulder hug. "Hey, my dad's sleeping on the couch. Can we take a shower together again?" Josh asked. I felt my groin tingle at the very idea of such. beeg free "Are we gonna take j-u-s-t a shower," I asked. "Um, I don't xxxbeeg know. Depends on what comes up," he joked. (((Sigh))) "Well, gee, Josh, I don't know......." He beeg mom again punched me in the shoulder, "Come on, let's go quick," and off we went..... Josh had grown several inches in beeg hairy height upon hitting 13, and had started to fill in across this last summer. He was letting his normally short blonde hair grow out a bit on the top part of the step cut he had. It didn't matter WHAT he did with his hair, it was always killer. He also had begun to fill in nicely, getting more muscle beeg mp4 definition and size, along with a nice set of developing abs. Totally sexy. He had a nice small patch of extremely blonde hair above his penis, and a fair amount of blonde hairs under his arms. And then there was the boy's package...... Yum! He had grown about another inch and a half, putting him in the 4 1/2" range, and from the beeg . looks of it he would grow nicely from there. He was already a lot thicker. beeg mature His balls had grown in size, although for now they were still pretty much hairless. In short, he was more dynamite-looking than before. He shed his clothes and was the first one in the shower, steaming it up nice and getting the place warmed up in a beeg milf hurry. I beegporn stepped in at about half mast, xxx beeg and Josh almost instantly had the same response. He pressed his body frontally directly into mine, hugging me around the middle, beeg xvideos while I gave him a nice around the beeg xnxx shoulders hug, kissing once again the top of his head. Within seconds we both had raging hard-ons, but didn't wanna let go of beegcom each other. He sorta pumped his dick a beeg mp4 little against me, and I just stood there and enjoyed it. He turned around beeg xx to adjust the water to a little hotter, and instead of turning back around, he just backed into me, pressing beeg come his butt crack against my erect penis. 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I beeg.con have an idea for you, Josh. hd beeg First of all, I accept, and second of all, let's finish our shower quickly and then go to the bedroom and I can show you everthing every step of the way. Whaddya say?" "Ok, but no cumming between now and then, ok?" www.beeg..com he made me promise. "OK," I laughed, "no problem." beeh I lathered up his back, and scrubbed his chest and stomach by www.beeg..com reaching around, all the while my manhood seemed to want to find its resting place on his butt cheeks. I turned around he quickly soaped me up, and we rinsed off. We washed our hair, hit a couple other nooks and crannies, and were out of beeg-com the beeg/ show in record time! I do believe the site beeg.com beeg water from our bodies leaped to the towels in an effort to help up make it to the bedroom quicker. Josh beeg videos was SO hard it was unbelievbale, he was pushing 5"+ with all beag.com the strain. He wouldn't last too long at that rate, but then again he had the stamina to go several times in a row. I began explaining the two basic ways we could handle this action, and we started with me lying flat on my stomach, and Josh applying some KY to my waiting hole. I told him to be sure to apply KY beegs to the inside too, and he gently pushed his index finger wwwbeeg in. ARGH! I then instructed him to insert beeg sex a second and then third finger to help stretch the muscle there a bit, and he did so beeg. com pretty well. "Joshy, come around to my mouth and sit where I can suck you a bit to get the juices flowing....." and he came around to where my head was and sat down with his legs beeq.com spread, flag pole straight up. I began working him very very slowly, and he was gripping the covers on the bed with his fists. "Relax," I said, "try to just let the feelings go, and sorta flow around and past you...." 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It felt like you were milking me! Aw geeze.........." "Ok, slow way down and get control, we aren't done yet," and he slowed his pump speed down. "OK, pull out and we'll go to #2 position." He groaned as he slid out, and I flipped around free porn beeg onto my back, and put beeg free a beeg anal pillow under my low back and butt. Josh was standing .beeg upright on his knees, so beeg..com I scooted up close to him, and placed my legs on his shoulders. He got the idea immediately! He slid in again and groaned big time, hitting my prostate, which got a HUGE groan outta me! He grabbed my thighs for leverage, and beeg hd beeg 18 began to pump again. Each time he bumped my secret inner spot, my dick hardened and pulsed. I felt that I might even cum before he did! "Michael, I am gonna cum hard! site beeg.com beeg Uh! Oh geeze! I almost can't stand it, ooohhhhhh! uh!-uh!-uh!-uh!-uh!" and he jammed his boycock in full length, squirting www beeg his warm sperm deep inside me. 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I wanna try it, too? Please?" "Josh..." "Michael, I know it will hurt a little bit when you first go in, beeg sexxn but I just know it will feel awesome once you get in and stuff." "Um...." "Please, Michael, please?" A pillar of stone I was not. beeg porno "Ok, bee Josh, if you are sure." "Oh Boy!" беег and he flipped over onto his back and placed a pillow under xnxx beeg his low back and butt just like I had, and raised his beeg indian legs for me to grab. I bent over and licked his balls lightly, causing him to arch up into the air. I applied KY to his virgin hole, and gently slid inside with my middle finger, lubing the area well. Then two fingers, and then three. He made no face at any of it, other than smiling the whole time. "I'm ready, Michael. Go ahead." I inched up closed and pressed hard-on against his hole. I could feel him try to relax the beeg lesbian muscle, and took advantage of the xxxbeeg moment and slid in the head. 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I increased speed and Josh got this almost hypnotized look on beeg movies his beeg porche face. "Oh YEAH, Michael, just like that. Don't stop! Aw man! This is weird! I am gonna cum without pumping myself or anything!" "Close?" I panted. He beeg hairy nodded. I went full speed, pushing in all the way each time, hitting his prostate each stroke. His body contracted up so that he was almost sitting up. I kissed the top of his head, and said, "For you, Joshy. For you," and with that I came like I had never ever come milf beeg before, and at the same instant Josh came, shooting sperm over his head onto the sheets. It was a free beeg LONG time before either of us said anything at all. "You know, Michael, we may need to do blow jobs instead sometimes." We both laughed almost uncontrolably, and then sobered up a bit, beeg tube and got up and cleaned up. I explained to Josh that I knew we wouldn't be doing sex stuff with each other forever, and that someday he would meet a guy or girl he liked that was his own age, perhaps, and that he needed to know some stuff. I went over condoms, and later showed him how to put one on. I explained the difference between lust and love, and what I perceived to be the benefits and pitfalls of both. I knew he was a smart kid, and would be able to analyze the data at one beeg. time or another. But he almost never forgot things that were said. Josh learned that беег some people you could say nearly anything to, and others you couldn't say hardly anything to, and that also sometimes these conditions free porn beeg changed. We kept our communication open so that he could say anything to me, ever, and frequently he would ask me to explain some perplexing enigma he had bee encountered that day in his beeg/ life. I did my best, and told him that the answer was my opinion, and that there was a great deal of difference between fact and opinion, although the two could be the same. Josh liked this last one the best, beeg as he did indeed love to be right. He was an amazing boy, at least to me, and I found that the more trust and love I placed, it came b